Playful banter

“Is there really something called love at first sight?”,the boy asked the girl. Laughing lightly she replied, “As much as i like to believe it does but no, there’s no such thing as ‘love at first sight’. Its always lust at first sight hon.”

“How can you be so sure ? It is not like you have ever fallen in love… you are a self proclaimed man hater” the boy asked incredulously. 

Irritated the girl asked “what makes you say so? I never said i hated men. Maybe i have but just because they are so blind and stupid creatures that they can never understand the truth.”

And here we go again thought the boy . It was nothing new for Jay to see Sophia burst into rants of men being stupid. He actually liked it. The way she passionately argued about how men never understood things. Although he never knew why such negative thoughts on men but he enjoyed seeing her getting all worked up. Her face became red and her eyes held this glazed passion which put him in trance.

Smirking slightly he interrupted her little rant saying,”So you are basically calling me stupid?” Stopping midsentence Sophia said,”what ..why…uhh…no.. i never said that. Well men are stupid not u.!!!”

Raising an eyebrow Jay replied,” So now u are saying i am not a man? What the hell Soph …thats ridiculous..” he even added a light punch to the locker for the dramatic effect.

The poor girl was flustered she knew her friend never got angry but whenever he was it wasn’t pretty. “Jaybear i didnt mean that … u know i didnt ..i was just stating an opinion. I mean ofcourse u are a man.. i…i.. I am sorry”, she whispered giving that sad puppy look.

Jay couldn’t help it. He tried stopping that smile but failed. He wrapped his arms around the girl who was nearly a head shorter than him saying ,”Soph u are so naive sometimes. You know i was just messing with you. Now lets get going..i am hungry and want to go home.”

“You are such a jerk Jay… why are we even friends?”, said Sophie but couldnot stop herself from hugging him back..


Woman of steel

I thought i was a fighter,

A warrior or even woman of steel.

I thought i could beat this,

This could not be it.

I would take the leap 

Because i was sure i would be caught.

And if i fell,

I would fall knowing i did what i could.

I would take the risk of losing what i have

Just to see if i could have what i should.

But i fell,

I fell hard and hit the ground

But i didn’t scream.

I stead  i tried to get up,

I tried to fight ,

I tried to scream that this would not be it. 

I took the risk of living my life;

And live is what i shall do.

But i didnt realize that i was no fighter.

I wasn’t a warrior,

Nor was I the woman of steel.

Perfect Child

There are so many stories about the life of teenagers. But Tia’s is a bit unusual. She is not your stereotype. She is miss goody two shoes. Getting good grades and being in the good books of everyone is her second nature. Never had a boyfriend and never needed one. She was very mature for her age. Nobody ever bothered to think why was she like that. Why wasn’t Tia like her reckless friends?

Tia was not an exception or a miracle. She was bound by circumstances. She too wanted to be rebellious. She hated following rules and wanted to be as reckless as her friends. She wanted to get drunk, get stoned , stay high , be loved, have her first kiss. But what was stopping her? Why the hell was she stuck being the obedient girl she was.?

Her life seemed perfect from afar but it was little less than a hurricane when one took a close look. No, she was not poor nor was she abused. She just had to endure constant comparison with others. She only heard who was better than her . Never in her life did she find the hint of appreciation in her family’s motivational speeches. No matter what she achieved , there was always something she did not achieve.

Tia was not frustrated . She worked harder each time. She wanted to be perfect for her parents. But as time passed she understood that perfect was just an illusion and no matter how hard she tries there will always be someone better.  In her struggle of becoming the perfect daughter , Tia ended up being the perfect student, acquaintance and teenager she never aspired to be.